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Science and Technology


Intervened people.

This sector includes companies whose main value offer is related to Science, Technology and innovation

We have proven experience in this sector:

▷ In 2018, we supported Mensajeros Urbanos, a leading messaging network with a cutting-edge platform that links end customers who require a service with an urban messenger who runs the service, Our Goal:

  • Through the unit of "Development of Human Talent", leading a process of internalization of Culture

▷ We have supported Axiacore, a group of digital artisans that build high performance platforms and web applications, Our Goal:

  • In 2018, through the "Human Talent Development" unit, we accompanied Axiacore, in a process of strengthening soft skills, Teamwork and Leadership
  • In 2019, through the "Human Talent Development" unit, we continued our process of strengthening soft skills, Teamwork and Leadership

During the year 2020, through the "Human Talent Development" unit, we continued our training process through a developed program called "Everyone on Board", strengthening the concepts of Teamwork, Alignment of Purposes, Personal Growth and High Performance Teamwork.

▷ We support Maloka, the iconic interactive museum of the city of Bogotá, Our Goal:

  • During the year 2019 we accompanied Maloka's senior management from the "Strategy" unit, in different processes: Definition of Strategic Objectives, Situational Analysis of the Government Model, Consulting in the Organizational Structure, we also strengthened soft Teamwork and Leadership

▷ We support Recaudo Bogotá, the company in charge of managing the Integrated Collection System, Fleet Control and User Information System, which is part of the Integrated Public Transportation System (SITP) of Bogotá, Our Objective:

  • During 2019 and this year, from the "Human Talent Development" unit, we designed and implemented the Leadership School for Collection in Bogotá

Some of our clients within the industry.

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