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RB Leadership School

RB Recaudo Bogotá


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June 3, 2020



Experiencial Education


We designed and implemented the Leadership School for Recaudo Bogotá.

Case study description


Develop, strengthen and enhance the skills and competencies of the organization's leaders. As well as to provide them with the tools to improve and close some gaps that were presented in the Organizational Climate Survey in 2019.

How did we do it?

We designed a Leadership School and through it we had monthly meetings to train the Recaudo Bogotá team. We worked with them for 8 months in the first year..

The phases we addressed in order to build the School were as follows:

1. Review of the main topics for the training.

2. Review of the results of the Organizational Climate Survey.

3. Active participation and support of the entire Management Team.

4. Alignment of purpose of the Human Resources area.


Through this school we reached 130 people in the organization. We were able to get the team to appropriate and apply the concepts learned. They acquired new tools to work with their teams, there was improvement in the social system, in communication and awareness of the importance of training their teams in charge. An important path was opened for them to recognize and accompany their teams to fulfill their life purpose aligned with that of the company.

In the new measurements we observed improvement and closure in the potholes that were found before implementing the School. In 2020 and 2021 we continue accompanying Recaudo Bogotá with the development of the school and with new members for the first part of the school.

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