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Media & Marketing


Intervened people.

Marketing and communication companies whose value offering can be based on massive traditional strategies such as Television, Radio, Print media (ATL) and/or companies whose offer involves non-traditional strategies (BTL) that are specific, personalized and memorable.
We have proven experience in this sector: 

▷ In 2020 we accompanied Valemas, a non-traditional marketing company with strategic solutions for relationship, trade marketing, business intelligence and commercial network management. Our Goal: 

  • From the "Strategy" unit, we carry out the strategic alignment of the General Management and its team of direct reports, internalize the strategy of the business, generate awareness and socialization of the roles of each member of the team, define the identity model of the management team.

▷ Interlaken currently accompanies Axioma, a leading B2B media company, which connects global suppliers of niche products and services with purchasing decision makers in Latin America, through print advertising (specialized magazines for multiple sectors), digital advertising and face-to-face advertising as events. Our Goal: 

  • From the unit of "Customer Interactions" we carry out the updating, population and expansion of the database of the audience of the printed publications (local and panregional), we also make the call to events.

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