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Fundamental Skills Academy LATAM

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June 1, 2020


Experiencial Education


Fundamental Skills Development.

Case study description


Contribute to the development and potentiation of the fundamental competencies (transversal and specific soft skills of leadership at different levels) of the future and current leaders of the organization.

How did we do it?

Developing two customized and tailored training programs, the first called Talents of the Future (TOF) through which future leaders or newly appointed leaders could develop their basic personal and team leadership skills; the second called Advanced Leadership School (ALS) through which leaders with a higher degree of experience and teams in charge, many of them TOF 2021 graduates, were trained and provided with tools with a higher level of depth and 100% applied to the leadership role.

Some of the objectives achieved with Talents of the Future:

  • Developed core competencies in core members, who had a reasonable potential to assume leadership roles to smooth the moment when they assume their new roles.
  • It was an excellent scenario to identify in "Asessment" mode such future talents, as well as members that do not fit the profile that the organization is looking for and that may impact the rest of the organization (positively or negatively).
  • It was a strong bond generator between its participants and PGD, as it was perceived as a recognition for them, strengthening the message that the organization firmly believes in the integral development of people and does not see them only as a number.

Some of the objectives achieved with the Advanced Leadership School:

  • Provided practical, applied and updated tools for a better exercise of leadership by the participants.
  • Trained participants in best practices, many of them replicated within PGD's day-to-day operations (e.g. Design Thinking).
  • Generated a strong bond between its participants and PGD, being perceived as a recognition for them, and with a positive impact on the level of retention in the organization.


More than 150 leaders of Publicis Global Delivery (PGD) in Colombia, Costa Rica and Argentina have been impacted, strengthening their Fundamental Skills who in turn from their role are multipliers of this knowledge and of great influence with their work teams, thus contributing to indirectly promote the development of organizational competencies in hundreds of PGDiers.

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