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The insurance sector in Latin America is a dynamic and growing sector. In 2022, the volume of insurance premiums in the region reached $173.7 billion, representing growth of 15.9% (11.5% in 2021). This growth was driven by a combination of factors, including the economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, increased awareness of the importance of financial protection, and the expansion of the supply of insurance products and services.

In Colombia, the insurance sector is one of the most dynamic in the region. In 2022, the volume of insurance premiums reached $11.4 billion, representing growth of 12.9% (11.2% in 2021) and the generation of approximately 100,000 direct jobs, representing 0.5% of total employment in the country.

In terms of GDP participation, in 2022 the insurance sector in Latin America represented 2.7% of regional GDP and 2.2% of Colombian GDP.

Interlaken® has extensive experience in the insurance sector in Latin America. We have created SLIM® Think Tank (Strategic Leadership for Insurance Management) as a center that generates content and methodologies specifically designed for the development of C-level and middle/senior management in the industry in Latin America.

  • Since 2001, Interlaken® Outsourcing (currently operated by our partner Group COS) has provided third-party services for sales, customer service, collections, and other processes for insurance companies such as SBS (formerly AIG Generales), Metlife (formerly AIG Vida), Colmena, HDI (formerly Generali), Liberty, and insurance brokers such as Marsh (Colombia, Brazil & Panama), Willis Towers Watson, and Aon.
  • Since 2015, Interlaken® Consulting has provided strategic design, alignment, and deployment, as well as restructuring processes for companies such as Chubb, Panamerican Life (PALIG), Seguros Bolívar, and Seguros Mundial.
  • Since 2018, Interlaken® Academy has structured and executed the Leadership Schools of Chubb and Mapfre.
  • Our consulting team has members with over 30 years of experience with insurers in Latin America, such as GNP Mexico, Nacional Bolivia, Vida Security Chile, ALICO Panama, Seguros de Occidente Guatemala, and LIMRA Life Insurance Marketing Research Association LATAM.

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