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All Aboard SBS's Emerging Customer Experience Management





June 7, 2019



Experiencial Education


An Experiential Workshop and supported by the LEGO® SERIOUS® PLAY® methodology, we built the Common Purpose for which the SBS Customer Experience Management team would work.

Case study description


The main objective of the Workshop was to facilitate the merger of two areas under a nascent Customer Experience management, to discover and define the OVERVIEW PURPOSE for which they would work.

How did we do it?

During 2 days of intervention in our Organizational Development Center in Suesca Cundinamarca, we intervened the leaders of the new Customer Experience management. This process involved multiple tools and methodologies:

  • Sensitization of the team, focusing on the IMPORTANCE of the RELATIONSHIP between them as leaders to work as a single team, emphasizing the seniority and EXPERIENCE that each one of them has in SBS and the way in which they can CONTRIBUTE to the Fulfillment of the objective.
  • With Experiential methodology and through different challenges we work on TRUST, RECOGNITION, TEAMWORK, COMMUNICATION, COMMITMENT, EMPATHY, PROCESS IMPROVEMENT.
  • With LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology, the PURPOSE and the main postulates of the NEW MANAGEMENT were built.


  • The team generated awareness and felt identified with the COMMON PURPOSE defined for the NEW MANAGEMENT, which was internalized by the entire leadership team.
  • With the use of the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® tool, the CONSTRUCTION and UNDERSTANDING of the NEW MANAGEMENT'S PURPOSE was facilitated so that the management team could download and transmit the definition in a CLEAR and UNDERSTANDABLE way to their leaders in charge and later to the whole organization.
  • The leaders were able to understand and assimilate the new ROLES and CHALLENGES that each one must lead to achieve the success of the NEW MANAGEMENT.
  • The SKILLS and COMPETENCIES that must be developed and empowered by all members of the new team to achieve the defined objective were identified.

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