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The Hospitality sector encompasses hotels, restaurants, cafes, casinos, focused on the preparation and / or marketing of food and beverages.

Interlaken has extensive experience in this sector:

▷ We accompanied Takami in a different process, a group with 28 restaurants and 14 recognized brands in the city of Bogotá (Osaki, Sipote Burrito, Central Cevichería, Cacho & Pepe, Black bear, La Fama Barbecue, 80 Sillas, Ugly American, Cantina & Punto , Tacos MX, Oficial, bat, Elemental, Sorella). Our objectives:

  • For 2 years from the "Client Interactions and Strategy" Unit, we have outsourced the Group's Address of Reserves and Reservations, a task that involved the management of its interaction center (Contact Center), and participation in work tables with logistics providers for delivery, and / or marketing channels with third parties
  • In the year 2019 for 3 months from the "Human Talent Development" Unit, we carried out the training of 75 Takami leaders, through the Conscious Leaders Program
  • In 2020, from the "Disaster Risk Management Unit", we accompanied Takami in the preparation of technical field visits, for the detection of gaps and the documentary update of his Biosafety Protocols against Covid-19.

▷ Interlaken has accompanied La Cevichería Cartagena restaurant, iconic Ceviches and Seafood restaurant located in the heroic Cartagena de Indias, in different processes. Our objectives:

  • From the "Strategy" Unit, we accompany the business model management advisory
  • From the "Customer Experience" unit, we diagnose the customer experience model through the elaboration of Customer Journey Maps and construction of Service Protocols.
  • From the "Human Talent Development" unit, we train 100% of the team in soft skills (Teamwork and Leadership), we also define the Model of Values ​​and Organizational Culture.

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