(EEG) Energy, Exploration & Generation


(EEG) Energy, Exploration & Generation


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The EEG sector, which comprises the activities of Energy, Exploration, and Generation in Colombia, is a strategic sector for the country's economy. It contributes 6.8% to Colombia's GDP and generates more than 200,000 direct jobs.

In detail, the activities include:

  • Energy: Generation, transmission, distribution, and marketing of electrical energy.
  • Exploration: Search and evaluation of energy resources, such as oil, natural gas, and minerals.
  • Generation: Production of electrical energy from renewable and non-renewable sources.

The EEG sector has a significant impact on the Colombian economy, generating significant tax revenue, jobs, and investment opportunities. As a result of climate change and sustainable development goals, this sector is in a constant process of redefinition, for which intensive training and support programs for the involved talent are required.

Our Interlaken® Management Consulting business unit has proven experience in Strategic Definition and Alignment, Talent Development, Leadership, and Team Building:

  • From 2019 to 2020, we accompanied the Management Team and Field Leaders of Morelco, in view of the completion and subsequent energization of the Energy Ring of La Guajira
  • Since 2022, we have accompanied multiple specialized and interdisciplinary teams of the oil company GeoPark

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