Energy Ring of La Guajira

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Energy Ring of La Guajira



(EEG) Energy, Exploration & Generation


June 8, 2020



Experiencial Education


We strengthened the ability to work as a team, through various workshops in which we intervened with the leaders of the project in charge of the construction of the Guajira ring, a project that seeks to supply electricity to the region.

Case study description

El Reto:

We came to accompany Morelco when it was in the first phase of execution of the project for the construction of two power grids that were intended to bring energy to two towns in the region of La Guajira in Colombia and were facing some problems in the articulation between some areas of the team responsible for the execution of the project.

¿Cómo lo hicimos?

From Interlaken we conducted some interventions during 2019 and 2020 with the leaders of the organization and those directly responsible for the project in order to generate responsible conversations to reach agreements and improve negotiation skills to quickly improve the synchrony of the team, the interventions were carried out directly in Riohacha and in our Organizational Development Center located in Suesca (Colombia).

Nuestro Resultado

Through the process carried out with Morelco, we contributed in the identification of the specific factors that were affecting the synergy of the team, being able to apply the necessary corrections to enhance the Teamwork of the different areas and actors involved in the project, in order to achieve its successful completion within the established deadlines.

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