Bank & Insurance


Bank & Insurance


Intervened people.

The financial sector covers credit establishments, Financial Services companies, capitalization companies, insurance intermediaries and reinsurance companies among others

Interlaken has experience in this sector:

▷ We have experience in recognized Insurers (Safe Hive, Scotiabank, Paralife, SBS) and Insurance Intermediaries such as (Willis and Marsh), Our Goal:

  • Through the "Customer Interactions" unit, we accompany the outsourcing of business processes, managing Contact Center operations (Sales, Customer Service, Update and other Backoffice processes)

▷ Interlaken has accompanied Chubb Seguros to, through the "Human Talent Development" unit, Our Goal:

  • In 2018 through an experiential Change Management intervention we provide tools applicable to a segment of Chubb's business directors to manage Change, in the face of a new business model and policies adopted by the company

▷ Interlaken has accompanied SBS Seguros Colombia, through the "Strategy Unit", Our Objective:

  • In June 2019 we accompanied the Customer Experience Management in defining its common purpose
  • In November 2019 we accompanied the Vice President of Operations and Finance in defining its common purpose.

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