Interlaken® Outsourcing

We were born with outsourcing. Since 2001, we have written transformation stories with companies in Colombia, Mexico, Brazil and the United States, in the evolution of interactions with the reason for being of their businesses: ¡their final customers!

Interlaken® Outsourcing

Leaders in the development of the BPO/KPO/ITO sector in Colombia, we were Members of the Board of Directors of the Colombian BPO Association (BPrO) between 2013 and 2023 and Members of the Governing Council of the BPO/KPO/ITO Sectoral Table of Sena between 2017 and 2019.

Our service offering ranges from consulting to optimize your customer interaction operations, whether operated internally (in-house) or those operated with third parties (BPO), to the provision of services if required by your projects. We have more than 22 years of experience in managing processes of:

  1. Data Analytics: Analyzing information allows for better decision-making, it must be captured through different interaction channels.
  2. Automation: Simplification of Processes supported by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and RPA.
  3. Typing and Digitization: Transcription and/or scanning of documents into digital media allows for secure information custody.
  4. Email Management: Fulfillment of service agreements, optimization, automation, and metrics through technological tools.
  5. Survey Management: Definition and design of survey models with omnichannel solutions to operate them.
  6. Customer Service Channels: Management of telephone lines, transactional web centers, social networks, emails, among others.
  7. Collection Management: Recovery and/or Normalization of client payments, building loyalty to ensure their continuity with the company.
  8. Telemarketing: Design, Implementation, and/Operation of commercial strategies through telephone channels.
  9. Database Updates: Design, Implementation, and Operation of update strategies through various Omnichannel solutions
  10. Specialized Consulting: Managerial accompaniment of InHouse or outsourced projects, strengthening administration and leadership tools. Since 2018, all our BPO Operations were transferred in alliance with the COS Group to gain competitiveness and access world-class technology.

We currently provide services with more than 12,500 collaborators from 9 locations in Colombia and Mexico to the U.S., Central America, and South America.

We invite you to take a look at our Service Portfolio and some Success Stories, which will give you a broader perspective on how we can help your organization.

We adapt to each case, each team and each company.

They are examples of success in adapting our services and methodologies that obtained results beyond imagined.

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