Interlaken® Consulting

A strategy is only as effective as its execution. Since 2011, we have written transformation stories with C-level teams in Latin America, the Caribbean and the USA, in complex processes of defining, aligning, and executing ¡their organizational strategy!

Interlaken® Consulting

The importance of defining, aligning and structuring an appropriate strategy for the growth and sustainability of the business is something that is not called into question today. However, when leading the organization, Senior Management faces a myriad of challenges and difficulties that are impossible to foresee and require a huge capacity for adaptation and vision for the future (Prospective). Our service offering provides an applied and effective accompaniment, to provide solutions to the problems of the Manager and his Management Team.

We invite you to know our offer of services, with which we have accompanied multiple industries!

Unit Services

  1. Definition and/or Alignment of the Higher Purpose: The SUPERIOR PURPOSE translates us THE WHY, the company's raison d'etre, the intrinsic engine that motivates its spirit
  2. Prototyping Business Model:Plane that visually and logically describes a business idea
  3. Definition of Strategic and Mega Goals: They reflect the fundamental achievements that the organization wishes to achieve, in order to achieve its Mission and Vision
  4. Situational Analysis: A series of methods for understanding the internal and external context of the company
  5. Design of the Organization's Governance Model: A set of elements that allow you to properly address, control, and manage your organization
  6. Management Coaching: Effective and methodological sessions to accompany leaders of companies in their personal and professional growth

We adapt to each case, each team and each company.

They are examples of success in adapting our services and methodologies that obtained results beyond imagined.