Team Building Workshop

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Team Building Workshop

BPrO Asociación Colombiana de BPO


(BPO) Business Process Outsourcing


Feb. 3, 2020


Experiencial Education


Teamwork Workshop for BPRO (Colombian Contact Center & BPO Association).

Case study description


This intervention was designed to consolidate BPRO's Management Team, addressing concepts of Leadership, Teamwork and Assertive Communication, focused on COMMON PURPOSE, developing the skills and competencies required in all team members to become better leaders.

How did we do it?

We conducted a Workshop with Experiential Methodology, each of the challenges was chosen to experience and reflect on the importance of soft skills in High Performance teams:

  • Challenge 1: The challenge involved Communication, Empathy, Commitment, additionally the concept of Strategic Thinking vs. Traditional Thinking was worked on.
  • Challenge 2: Points of You®, through this methodology the team externalized aspects of their personal life, in order to generate Trust and Empathy.
  • Challenge 3: This challenge implied Trust, as a fundamental basis for teamwork.
  • Challenge 4: A meeting was held in a very special place, "El Volador", where Gratitude and Recognition were promoted.
  • Challenge 5: The challenge of High Performance, Innovation and Paradigm Change.


  • The team is aware of the need and importance of continuing to accelerate and reinvent itself every day to make BPRO an increasingly dynamic and innovative association that contributes positively to the strengthening of the sector.
  • Team members value and understand the importance of finding mentors in their lives to help them continue to grow personally and professionally.
  • The team has strong bonds of empathy and trust, which is an excellent basis for strengthening the fabric that binds them together.
  • Team members have no difficulty expressing their feelings of gratitude and appreciation to other BPRO members.
  • The team has a high degree of humility, willingness to work and strengthen the weaknesses that were detected in the execution of the various challenges that were carried out.

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