La Cevichería Cartagena Customer Experience Analysis

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La Cevichería Cartagena Customer Experience Analysis

La Cevichería




June 9, 2019



In several sessions during 6 months Interlaken accompanied La Cevichería to Identify, Analyze and Improve their customer experience model.

Case study description


Cevichería Cartagena needs to Diagnose, Analyze and Improve the experience provided to its customers in its restaurant.

How did we do it?

  1. Supported by the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology, we built a map of the current experience that customers live in relation to the brand, this model is valuable because it collects the personal interpretation of each of the participants and then a shared vision that integrates the concepts of each of them based on the experience. This construction was carried out with the founder, the management and the leadership team of La Cevichería.
  2. We conducted a segmentation of La Cevichería's customers at a Geographic and Demographic level.
  3. We built a Customer Journey Map, through Observation and Hidden Customer methodology, to identify the gap between the expectation that customers have when they visit the restaurant and what they receive once they live the experience.
  4. We built a Blueprint or Experience Plan to detail in a specific and timely manner the visible and non-visible processes that exist in the provision of the service of La Cevichería, thus identifying pain points, risks and emotional elements in the trip.
  5. We analyzed physical and Tripadvisor surveys, to extract customer demographic information, calculated the NPS (Net Promoter Score) and its evolution in the months evaluated, and also the comments analyzed helped us as input to qualify the experience in the Customer Journey Map and identify pain points and risks in the Blue Print.
  6. We built La Cevichería's Service Protocol.


      • We generated a 3D model of the experience that customers live in La Cevichería, the characterization of the model recognizes the guiding principles and elements for this to be achieved, this restaurant defines what it wants to make its customers live:

      "The experience of having enjoyed the fresh flavors of the sea aboard a boat full of color and joy, with the vivid sensation of being anywhere in the world".

      • Cevichería Cartagena recognized the importance of gathering qualitative and quantitative information from its customers and in a next stage to elaborate Archetypes, which will help them to generate personalized experiences for their customers.
      • With the construction of a first Customer Journey Map model, we generated 22 action plans in a Co-creation exercise, to close the gaps identified in the experience with their respective prioritization for execution.
      • With the construction of the Blueprint or Experience Plan, we identified 29 possible risks during the experience, several of them with evidence found in negative customer comments on social networks such as Tripadvisor, these risks were assigned to responsible process leaders to activate a preventive and reactive action plan.
      • La Cevichería recognized the importance of collecting, analyzing and managing information from social networks such as Tripadvisor, as one of the indicators to ensure the evolution of its experience model.
      • La Cevichería has a Service Protocol, which describes in detail and in the form of a booklet, how each interaction with the customer should be provided, containing specific recommendations and critical back aspects.

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