Guadalupe - Emergency Brigades Training

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Guadalupe - Emergency Brigades Training

Frigorífico Guadalupe




Sept. 16, 2021


Experiencial Education

We accompanied Frigorífico Guadalupe in the training of the company's Emergency Brigade, through training in First Aid, Management and Control of fire outbreaks and Recovery and mobilization of patients.

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Frigorífico Guadalupe needed to form and train the Emergency Brigade, to prepare for emergencies in the plant and its surroundings, in order to provide first aid to its employees.

How did we do it?

Through the Interlaken Risk and Disaster Unit, we attended the FG plant for 2 months in order to generate a theoretical-practical training for the Brigade together with the company's OSH Unit, this process will continue throughout 2021 generating follow-ups and drills for the Brigade.

The training was based on the Incident Command System (ICS) and the topics covered were:

  • Safe Access to the Scene.
  • Initial and Detailed Evaluation of patients.
  • Identification and Evaluation of bleeding.
  • Fracture Identification and Immobilization.
  • Stretcher, Securing and Extraction of Patients.
  • Safe Use of Fire Extinguishers.
  • Fire Fighting.
  • Specific Rescue Actions in case of Ammonia Leakage.

Within the training process, we focused the SCI so that the Brigade would have the protocols and chains of command established in case of an emergency. To achieve this, multiple exercises and controlled drills were carried out so that the team could experience the sensation of a real emergency.


After the completion of this process, Interlaken's Risk and Disaster Unit trained 30 of the company's Brigaders, providing information and practice in dealing with possible emergencies. In addition, each Brigadier acquired the following certifications:

  1. Ammonia Emergency Rescue Module Certificate.
  2. First Aid Basic and Intermediate level.
  3. IDIGER First Responder Course.

They trusted us.

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