Cultural Transformation Process

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Cultural Transformation Process

Estilo Ingeniería


Vertical Transportation


June 1, 2020



Experiencial Education

We accompany Estilo in its Cultural Transformation process, internalizing in its collaborators through training the values model defined by the top management.

Case study description


The management team of Estilo Ingeniería needed to carry out a Cultural Transformation Process.

The company needed all its employees to know the values with observable behaviors and thus be aligned under the Organizational Culture model expected by the founders.

How did we do it?

Estilo Ingeniería worked hand in hand with Interlaken for 10 months.

The Phases we addressed to achieve the Cultural Transformation were:

1. Translation of values into observable behaviors 2.

2. Generation and Increase of Awareness, Desire and Knowledge in the Leaders.

3. Suspension of the deterioration of the Organizational Climate.

4. Socialization and internalization of organizational values, impact and meaning of each one of them.


Through this process we reached 365 people in the organization at the Bogota, Regional and Country levels. We achieved that the team identified and appropriated the values with their respective behaviors. Additionally, through the experiential challenges we observed team cohesion and improvement in the social system.

Additionally, to the extent that the construction of the program was carried out with the Management Team, we were able to strengthen the bonds between them, responsible conversations and agreements between the different areas.

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