All On Board La Cevichería

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All On Board La Cevichería

La Cevichería




March 5, 2019


Experiencial Education

Teamwork and Leadership Training Program; Design and Internalization of Culture Model.

Case study description


La Cevichería, an iconic restaurant in the city of Cartagena, has the challenge of implementing its basic and additional formal Organizational Culture model to 100% of its team members in Teamwork and Leadership concepts.

How did we do it?

Organizational Culture Model: We conducted a co-creation exercise with members of the company where we defined the organizational values, these values were translated into behaviors that could be assimilated into the day-to-day operations of La Cevichería, the participation of 100% of the members was essential for the internalization and adaptation of these values.

Training: In bimonthly sessions during one year, we intervened 100% of the employees, where we addressed concepts of Personal Growth, Life Plan, Resilience and applied tools for Teamwork and Leadership (Trust, Empathy, Communication, Achievement Orientation etc).


  • La Cevichería has a documented model of values and applied behaviors.
  • Training 100% of the organization is crucial for the growth of La Cevichería, it is not possible to have large companies with small employees, reinforcing competencies such as teamwork and leadership, generated committed and aligned employees in order to achieve the objectives of the organization.
  • The Cevichería has a large percentage of employees in vulnerable situations, something common in the sector: waiters, kitchen assistants, stewards. Generating training for personal growth, life plan, leadership, is of great value to them and is rewarded to the company in gratitude, loyalty and commitment.

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