A New Journey Begins

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A New Journey Begins

Nexa BPO


(BPO) Business Process Outsourcing


June 23, 2018


Experiencial Education

We accompanied Sales and Service (currently Nexa BPO), in an important Change Management process.

Case study description


The Sales and Services BPO (currently NEXA BPO), a Grupo Aval company, receives at its headquarters the operation of Banco de Bogotá (Megalínea), sales, retention, service, collections and operations.

Although both companies belong to the same group, we found some challenges inherent to the change:

  • The change of Company (Sense of Belonging, Bank vs. Contact Center, Emotional Link, etc.).
  • Culture change (Discipline Models, Interrelation Models, Leadership Models, etc.).
  • The change of Headquarters (NEXA Headquarters located in the north end of Bogota, etc.).

How did we do it?

The process involved the application of the ADKAR methodology to adequately manage the change:

  • We involved the leaders of each of the processes and areas of Megalínea.
  • We conducted an "Assessment" that allowed us to observe and evaluate the behaviors and competencies of the candidates through "experiential" activities, which clearly revealed the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate.
  • We evaluated the level of perceived impact with the Change to be faced, applying ADKAR methodology evaluation.
  • We deepened the Awareness of the Change (Awareness of the Change, its importance and implications) and the Desire (Desire to face it positively and proactively as leaders of the teams to be transferred).


    • Awareness and Desire for Change was achieved.
    • The intervened leaders were, are and will be the main promoters of change.
    • Action plans were built with those involved in the process to manage the change "Matrix of promoters, detractors and neutrals".
    • The team was strengthened in Teamwork skills: Trust, Empathy, Coexistence, Communication, Strategic Thinking.
    • Valuable qualitative information was generated for the NEXA BPO Assessment process.

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