Risco: Emergency Risk Management

Since 2013, we have been writing stories that have allowed colombian companies to Up Date their SG-SST and Emergency Management Plans, including Biosecurity Protocols related to prevent COVID-19 expansion. Take a quick look:

Risco: Emergency Risk Management

7 years providing Emergency Risk Management Solutions with a deep knowledge of the Colombian regulation, and relevant players in the country being:

  • Biosecurity Advisors of the Board of the BPO Colombian Association
  • Members of the Emergency Risk Management Council for Colombian National Learning Service (SENA)
  • Members of the National Human Resources Federation (ACRIP)

Our broad scope of services, offer tailor made solutions for companies of all industries:

  • Design, Update and Implementation of the Occupational Safety and Health Management System (SG-SST under Colombian regulation). 
  • Design, Update and Implementation of the Emergency and Disaster Corporate Plan. 
  • Consulting and Implementation of Biosecurity Protocols required by Colombian regulation under the Economic and Sanitary Emergency State declared as a consequence of the COVID-19 Pandemic.
  • Training of Human Resources, Emergency Brigades and all employees involved in the SST System.


Emergency Risk Management Portfolio

A general overview of our Emergency Risk Management Division... our experience and services available to provide solutions tailor made for your business!

We adapt to each case, each team and each company.

They are examples of success in adapting our services and methodologies that obtained results beyond imagined.